Dolphin Telecom presents the TETRA technology

Published: 08 July 2014 | JC Magazine

Dolphin Telecom specializes in providing solutions for Mission Critical, namely, ensures efficient communication in Emergencies and Public Safety based on the global standard Tetra. Your communications enable Coverage resistant even in extreme cases, connection speed and security.

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Tetra system does not collapse in emergencies

24 June 2014 |

New technology ensures ease of communication in case of an earthquake or tsunami is Islada of mobile networks.

The earthquake 2007 demonstrated the fragility of the mobile communication systems and this has resulted in the lack of coordination between the authorities should deal with the emergency. This situation has not changed since, as has been shown in each tremor registered country.

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They present unique communication system for disasters and emergencies

DIGITAL AGENCY.- September 2011

Dolphin Telecom, company specializing in communications services for security and operational reviews, Peru launches a new system of emergency and natural disasters.

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