A new platform allows for more secure communications

20 August, 2014 | The Trade

The Tetra system is ideal for operation in critical situations. It is chosen by the police and municipalities.

Designed for the toughest situations Tetra standard is designed to maintain a constant and uninterrupted communication between the authorities for them to act in case of emergency.

We all know that when an emergency situation occurs for example, strong sismo- phone lines are the first to collapse. But it is precisely at those times when the authorities can not be held incommunicado.

And what if in an emergency safety, in hot pursuit, police lose the signal on their cell because it entered an area of ​​high concentration of calls and poor coverage? For these circumstances the mobile digital radio standard created Tetra (acronym in English Trans European Trunked Radio). It is a more modern alternative GSM telephony system used in the present. In the TETRA standard the risk of saturation of the communication is minimal because it uses a different band from that of the conventional mobile. Also, is based on group communications, keeping in constant contact, safely and without interruption, to decision makers.

"It is a backbone designed to support serious incidents. It can be used both for routine operations and in situations more complicated as the various emergencies that occur in our country ", Javier Sánchez notes, gerente general Dolphin Telecom, company that provides communication services based on the Tetra standard.

It also allows mobile data transmission. Use portable terminals (cell), mobile vehicle) bases and terminals.