Easy mobile access to voice and data when and where required

Radius TETRA MTM800 Enhanced It is the latest mobile device, designed for use by professional organizations, wherever essential rugged mobile radios, flexible and provide voice communications quality and quick access to mobile applications. Services fully integrated voice and data ensure that users have access to current intelligence enabling them to make informed decisions.

The control head TETRA MTM800 Enhanced Motorola is a reference computer for their high durability, performance and usability. It designed for organizations that have the rugged, versatile mobile radios is a prerequisite, has been developed from the basic components of the TETRA system, proven and reliable platform Motorola, and makes information available to the users hand so they can make informed decisions really.

Intelligence at your fingertips

Provides access and searching of information moving through the integrated WAP browser and Dynamic Allocation of Multi Slots (Slots) for Packet Data Transmission (MSPD), offer a unique connectivity and high bandwidth for real-time access to enterprise mobile applications and user databases.


Ease of operation in the most demanding situations

Unsurpassed audio quality, intuitive keypad and color screen high definition sleek and durable design.

Resistant to dust and water in accordance with standard IP 54

Protection against rain, to, fog and dust parameters tested MIL 810 C / D / E / F control standard head.

Motorcycle head with IP67 rating

Resistance to dust and water.

Wide choice of models available for use in the office, vehicle, such as cars, boats and motorcycles.

Customizable for specific requisitios

Programming and faster connectivity via USB, Peripheral Interface (PEI) ETSI compliant and ports * I / S programmable ensure tighter integration with third-party applications.

Assistance available where and when it is needed

Pressing the emergency button not only sealerta colleagues on críticassino situations and also sent updated information to release about the user's location.

Receptor GPS integrado

Provides location-based services. Knowing the location of resources allows you to assign tasks based on updated information.


Dimensions in mm

Models Dash and Desk(radio + head control): 60x185x175
Head control standard: 60x185x31
Only Radio: 49x170x155
Head Remote Control: 60x185x39
Head control motorcycle: 60x185x39

Specifications Radio Frequency

Frequency bands: 350-390/380-430/410-470/806-870
Transmitter RF power: Class 3 (380-430) (806-825) (350-390) (410-470)
Static Sensitivity : -112 Minimum -114 typical
Dynamic Sensitivity: -103 Minimum -105 typical

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature in ° C: -30 a +60 °C
Storage temperature in ° C: -40 a +85 °C
Protection against water and dust: Dash/Desk/Remote IP54 (cat. 2) y Motorcycle: IP67 (cat. 2)
Knocking, drop and vibration: ETS 300 019-1-5 clase y 5M2 5M3 MILEAGE 810 C/D/E/F

GPS System

Simultaneous Satellites: 12
Antena GPS: Lead with FME male connector for GPS antenna pattern (feed 5 In, 25 mA)
Sensitivity: -152 dbm / -182 DBW
Precision: 5 meters (50% probability), 10 meters (95% probability)
Protocols: ETSI LIP y Motorola LRRP

User Interface

Screen color backlit 2,8: VGA 640×480 px, TFT transflectiva, 65.000 colors
Backlit alphanumeric keypad: Roman characters, Arab, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean and bopomofos available.
Navigation Key 4 addresses,menu and softkeys 3 programmable function keys.
Emergency: Emergency button with backlight
Shortcuts to Menu: Quick access to the menus with shortcuts editable
Shortcuts to functions: Function press of a single key on the keyboard 10 numbers


Local language options



Digital Trunked Radio Equipment TETRA

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