Dolphin Telecom: The most efficient choice in telecommunications

16 July 2014 |

Dolphin is the first network of digital trunked TETRA radio in Peru, specialist solutions and mission critical public safety

Dolphin Telecom specializes in providing mission critical solutions, namely, ensures efficient communication in emergencies and public safety based on the global standard TETRA. Your communications enable Coverage resistant even in extreme cases, connection speed and security.

Local governments have been integrated through offering them coverage Dolphin Telecom, improving public safety in their operations and control in the streets in order to ensure immediate support to its citizens.

Other items that use the TETRA service are Dolphin Telecom: Airports, ports, Civil Defense, mining, sector salud, sector hidrocarburos, service sector (water, light, etc.), transportation and public safety (Águilas Negras).

At breakfast briefing, the General Manager of Dolphin Telecom Peru, Javier Sánchez Benalcazar, informed the press that his client currently operates in the cities of Arequipa, Callao, Chincha, Ica, Lime, Nazca, Pisco and Talara. "For the current year, our expansion plan includes covering the cities of Cusco, Piura and Tacna ", revealed.

The executive said that to date has over Dolphin Telecom 42 stations on the air, 48 carriers, 30 microwave and links 5000 TETRA radios operating in the private and public sector. "In the next twelve months we expect to place in the Peruvian market close 3000 new equipment ", announced.

What is TETRA?

TETRA (English: Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Defines a digital mobile radio system and born by decision of the European Union in order to unify several alternative interfaces for digital radio communications professionals.


  • Using a lower frequency band, which means less need for repeaters equipment to cover the same geographical area.
  • Own separate infrastructure wireless networks public.
  • You can work in terminal mode terminal, in case of communication failure.
  • It is a modern digital system GSM, therefore the higher audio quality, because most modern implements voice compression.
  • The data transmission capabilities are defined in the original standard itself and are only comparable to the current standard GPRS.
  • Better use of the channel, as it allows semi-duplex communications, as conventional radio.
  • Low degree of saturation, since the standard itself ensures a capacity exceeding twice the default conventional channels in use.
  • Allows one to many communications, which improves management groups should coordinate emergency communications.
  • It has specific terminals for every need: Notebooks (comparable to mobile phones), mobile (vehicles) terminals and base.


Digital two-way radio is the future of communications platform that is now beginning to function effectively in many areas. Digital technology allows a radio to offer much more than voice communication.

Complemented with other services such as: GPS Location, Text messaging, data transfer, codification and an emergency button, all in one wireless. Using two-way radios, you can create a solution tailored to the specific needs of coverage and functionality of each item.

This system covers all communication needs, but efficient communication without interruption or network downtime would compromise the functioning of the production or service your company, the institution organization toast.