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Digital Trunked Radio Service TETRA Public Safety

Reviews and operations that does not collapse in emergencies.

Meet our Team Digital Trunked Radio TETRA

Keep your communication needs, coverage and functionality and leave those expensive and unreliable public networks.
Digital radios are demanding robust devices designed for everyday use in environments.
Now, their choice radio offers much more than just voice communication.

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About Dolphin

Dolphin Telecom: Communications technology that does not collapse in emergencies.

We provide a service especially mission critical communications and Emergency Public Safety in Peru
based on the global standard Tetra.

Effectiveness Tetra System Dolphin Telecom It is now checked by 27 municipalities that operate this equipment, and the major ports of the country and the Jorge Chavez International Airport. This is a specially designed system for critical situations and just as other operating systems collapse.

  • Extended Coverage

    Coverage Dolphin is over 99% The urban air of Lima Province, Ica, Pisco, Nazca and Chincha.

  • Call and Private Group

    Only by pressing the PTT all group members instantly hear. The system creates multiple groups.

  • Call Recording

    This service helps to have control over the work group conversations allowing you to store up to 60 days of recording.

  • Command Centers

    The TETRA terminals can be integrated into existing care centers.

Sistema GPS Online

Service equipment location via GPS.

It can locate the position of a terminal in real time, improving safety and efficiency of your area. You'll know if one of your radios is off, lit, low battery or a state of emergency. This way we guarantee a better control of their personnel in charge.

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